Oráculo de la Mujer Sagrada - Tarot Menstrual "Collection"


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Oráculo de la Mujer Sagrada - Tarot Menstrual "Collection"

It consists of 78 round charts plus brochure with instructions in Spanish language and nylon bag in color.

Sacred Woman's Oracle - Menstrual Tarot - Women's Self-Knowledge Deck

These are the three denominations that this set of round letters made by Monica Glusman in 2009

They are covered with silk paper in various colors, brief descriptive brochure of the black and white letters, and all collected in a nylon bag in vicersos colors. This is a first edition made in a circular form.

The artist, astrologer and percussionist initiated in reiki Mónica Glusman – of Argentine nationality – is the creator of the Sacred Woman's Oracle, Tarot Menstrual, Women's Self-Knowledge Deck. Tarot composed of 78 round cards organized into six groups or trails of 13 cards each.

Available to stakeholders and collectors in a limited edition with the signature of its creator. The six groups are: Fire Cards-Identity Path, Air-Revelation Path Cards, Water Cards-Path of Emotion, Earth Cards-Construction Trails, Portal-Path of Challenge Wounded Cards, Rainbow Cards-Initiation Trails.

Each trail describes 13 different situations related to a particular theme in which you can explore different areas of your life.

Author: Monica Glusman

Number of Cards: 78

Brochure with instructions

Language: Spanish

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Oráculo de la Mujer Sagrada - Ta
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