Tarocchi I Mestieri dell'Uomo "Collection"


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Tarocchi I Mestieri dell'Uomo "Collection"

It consists of 41 letters, Italian language.

This tarot is made by hand and can vary the received tarot with the one that appears on the web (on cover, covers, bows and colors) the interior is always the same. The author uses various raw materials.

It is a hand-created tarot very difficult to obtain with only (1500) numbered copies worldwide. A highly valued work. By Il Meneghello. In 1985.

Il Mestieri Dell'uomo Della Strada means The StreetMan Offices. Size:9 x 13 cm.

Giuseppe Maria Mitelli was one of the most prolific engravers of the 17th century. He leaves us with an overwhelming variety of works that provoke the thought of many genres such as political satire, pictorial commentary on life and culture, allegories of the sacred and profane, proverbs and card games.

His works are highly valued for their high artistic quality and perfect detail.

Author: Giuseppe Maria Mitelli

Number of Cards: 64

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Tarocchi I Mestieri dell´Uomo "C
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