Oracle Psy Cards "Collection"


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Oracle Psy Cards "Collection"

It consists of a pack of 40 letters plus a 216-page book with English language instructions.

Psy cards are an insightful tool for finding the answers to life's most compelling questions, the Psy-Cards System is a set of deck and book that provides guidance for understanding the true meaning of oneself. The book explores Jungane psychology with the meanings of the 40 cards in the work of the Psy-Card System.

The book contains 216 pages illustrated by Maggie Kneen.

The Psycards system offers a unique approach to interpretive reading of personal psychic energy. This 40-card deck, created by Nick Hobson and illustrated by Maggie Kneen, is based on powerful symbols and archetypes of Junguiana psychology.

The 216-page book guides readers through the Psycards System, with techniques for personal development and decision-making, as well as suggestions for therapeutic applications.

Each letter is examined individually, with discussion of its symbolism and associations.

Provocative questions, thought indications, and exercises help readers interpret the full meaning of letters when charting their psychic journeys.

The PsyCards are inspired by the works of Carl Jung, with an attractive medieval-style art. It has some matches with the main arcans of the tarot, but it also has additional letters for simple readings.

The cards are divided into groups:


Author: Nick Hobson

Number of Cards: 40

Book with instructions.

Language: English.

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Oracle Psy Cards "Colección"
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