Tarocchino Lombardo (Collection) "Last Unit"

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Tarocchino Lombardo (Collection)"Last Unit"

It consists of 78 letters plus brochure with instructions in Italian language.

The Lombard Tarocchino is the splendid 1981 reproduction of Carlo Dellarocca created in 1835, also known as Soprafino (super fine).

A pioneer in his time in the first half of the 19th century, he established the most recent Italian tarot, just as the Waite-smith-style work revolutionized the Tarot tradition of the 20th century.

This numbered limited edition of Il Solleone from Italy is in high quality printing with a matte surface. A very small line of "Arrienti Solleone" is printed on 3 cards.

The characters of the older arcanes are finely detailed, full-color and have expressive faces, determined, with typical nudity. The characters of Fante, Cavalier, Regina & Re are dressed in a traditional way. The sticks are Coppe, Bastoni, Danari and Spade, showing symbols of neoclassical floral ornaments or flags.

There are 2 tax stamps reproduced on the Gold Ace. 1 card with title is included.

Includes 2-sided instruction sheet (in Italian) with 1 design method and displays, plus meanings for all major arcan cards

Card dimensions: 56 mm x 110 mm x 0.39 mm. Limited Edition 2000

Author: Carlo Dellarocca

Number of Cards: 78

Brochure with instructions

Language: Italian


Tarocchino Lombardo (Colección)
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