El Tarot Clásico


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El Tarot Clásico

It consists of 78 letters plus brochure with instructions in multilanguage.

The Tarot Classic is a reproduction of a milan deck, dated 1835. His illustrations scrupulously made in pen and ink of both dim and vibrant colors, with a generally very harmonious final result.
Surprisingly detailed and beautiful in papyrus, the paintings merge into the imposing art style of ancient Egypt with the mysteries of the Tarot.

Based on the conceptions of Jean-Baptiste Pitois, who joined the letters of the classic Tarots, in the use of delicate work, the line of detail and deep and intense colors. Exuberant and vibrant, these letters show the drama, complexity, and even the humor and rarity of life.

This deck is authentically reproduced from the original, with the modern addition of a white border with a keyword in English, Italian, French and German for each card.

The work of Carlo Della Rocca, one of the most important engravers of the nineteenth century, has been reproduced, preserving the charm and naturalness of this very refined art. This deck is one of the best examples of Tarot art.

Each Arcane contains its own divinatory meanings.

Author: C. Della Rocca

No. 78 letters

Size: 66x120

Brochure Instructions.

Language: Spanish, French, German, Italian, English.

Tarot Clásico
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