Tarot Oreste Zevola "Collection"


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Tarot Oreste Zevola "Collection"

It consists of 78 letters plus brochure with instructions in French language.

This tarot special is designed by Oreste Zevola. This unique work has long, narrow charts. Excellent in art design, mainly it is a tarot not intended for use and only at collector level for its strange appearance.

The cards and the instruction booklet are in French. The publication is from 1989, and is a work limited to (2500) copies.

The Oreste Zevola is a French Tarot with abstract black and red designs on its very long cards. The style is extremely consistent throughout the deck, and it's hard to distinguish the cards at first glance.

Author: Oreste Zevola

Number of Cards: 78

Brochure with instructions

Language: French.

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Tarot Oreste Zevola "Colección"
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