Pack: Tarot Pythagorean "Collection"


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Pack: Tarot Pythagorean "Collection"

It consists of a pack of 78 letters plus 480-page book with English language instructions.

Just as ancient Greek civilization forms the foundation of Western thought and culture, the brilliance of Pythagoras is the basis of much of the Western esoteric tradition. Now, his view of the number-based universal order joins another venerable system of magic and divination: tarot.

Pythagorean tarot represents a level of research and erudition rarely seen in the study of tarot, alchemy or numerology. This unique system applies authentic Pythagorean numerology and aspects of Jungane psychology, alchemy and mythology to the living symbolism of tarot.

The result is a true tarot that the ancient Pythagoreans themselves could have designed, based on a Greco-Roman metaphysical model and incorporating the immediate and timeless power and relevance of archetypal images. The Tarot Pythagorean kit includes 78 full color cards and a 480-page book.

Author: John Opsopaus

Number of Cards: 78

Book with instructions.

Language: English.







Pack: Tarot Pythagorean "Colecci
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