Pack: Tarot Santero


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Pack: Tarot Santero

It consists of a pack of 24 letters plus book with instructions in Spanish language.

The santeria at your fingertips, a divination system based on the powers corresponding to the Orishas, which is a very powerful tool for the cartomant, is supported by 24 great pictorial works that compose, also that enrich their psychic vocabularies, which will inspire and connect him to higher sensory spheres.

One difference of this santero tarot is that it is made up of deities of the Yoruba pantheon, and is accompanied by the forces of good, light, true forces of god all powerful, for these reasons deserves greater respect in its handling and care.

In this way we radiate their protection, as well as their ampara and benevolence, which we are makes feel close to the presence of God, mention that these energies do not reject or interfere with others, are universal encompass everything and without suspicion, always stretched and continue to be

Author: Fenix

Number of Cards: 24

Book with instriuction.

Language: Spanish

Pack: Tarot Santero
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