Tarot de las letras Hebraicas


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Tarot de las letras Hebraicas

It consists of 28 letters with brochure with instructions in Spanish language.

In these times of radical change, the Hebrew Letters offer us their precious help. They go beyond his specific image in the context of the Jewish tradition to reach the Universe, showing the Intelligences that created him.

Tarot is a tool of evolution destined for the soul. The game consists of 22 letters plus 6 final letters that correspond to the shape taken by certain letters placed at the end of each word.

The booklet is designed to help integrate the letter response that appeared in the draw. It describes the key notions linked to each of Them, as well as the Question posed by the Letter in its dialogue of love. "Well-loved, the Letters tell us, come dance with us in the Round of True Life.

The time has come for the joy and healing of the soul. Do not hesitate to call us in all circumstances, for we are the infinite Love that accompanies each of your steps on the Way of Return to Home."

Author: Marie Elia

Number of Cards: 78

Language: Spanish

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Tarot de las letras Hebraicas
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