Pack: Witches Runes "Last Unit"

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Pack: Witches Runes "Collection"

It consists of 24 letters plus book with instructions in English language.

Traditional Germanic runic symbols have been expanded in these charts illustrating the dominant themes of each of the 25 runes. The illustrations on the witches' runes' cards are detailed, colorful, and hand-drawn, using Celtic and Teutonic images of the old world of northern Europe.

According to Silver RavenWolf, the creator, an individual who uses runes for magic is called a "Runa-Witan". This work is especially suitable for practitioners of this type. It combines the wisdom and wisdom of ancient Germanic runes with Wicca and Magic.

Each card is dedicated to a rune. The runic sign is at the top with the name tradtional and English at the bottom. The image shows the mythical themes and symbols associated with the rune. There is an additional blank card as well.

The artist is Nigel Jackson, who also created the Nigel Jackson Tarot. The set comes with Silver RavenWolf's Book Rune Mysteries. She describes the wisdom and meaning of each card and gives the tree, color, element, and other related correspondences. Two special chapters are dedicated to the art of rune magic and runic mysteries.

Author: Author: Nigel Jackson, Silver Ravenwolf

Number of Cards: 24

Book with instructions.

Language: English.






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