Carte Tedesche Sec. XVI numbered "Collection"


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Carte Tedesche Sec. XVI numbered "Collection"

They consist of 52 letters in the Italian language.

The carte tedesche Sec.XVI Carte da Gioco di Jost Amman from 1588. Limited edition and numbered (200) copies and red lacquer seal with strips on its lid. Limited edition playback by Il Meneghello.

They are an authentic ancient jewel and their cultural artistic value is very important.
This charming 1985 historical reproduction of cream linear drawings, in a classic of the Meneghello case with ribbon closure. This work is a faithful reproduction of the ancient Swiss/German cards recorded in 1588 by Jost Amman.

Author: Jost Amman

Number of Cards: 52

Language: Italian

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Carte Tedesche Sec. XVI numerada
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