Tarocchi di Alan "Latest Units"


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Tarocchi di Alan "Latest Units"

It consists of 55 letters plus brochure with instructions in Italian language.

A divination work created by the famous Milanese astrologer Mauro Boldi, also known as Alan, who aims to distill the elements of the Tarot into fewer cards.

The work contains a box that includes 55 full-color cards and an instruction booklet in Italian.

The tarot consists of 22 important cards of the arcane (most titled differently, but analogous to those of a "standard" tarot), and 33 unnumbered cards of minor arcane.

Minor arcans consist of 8 cards each on swords, canes and cups, and 9 cards in the coin game. The illustrations on the cards are "double" in a very beautiful and original form.

Author: Mauro Boldi

Number of Cards: 22

Brochure with instructions

Language: Italian

Stock: Latest units.

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