La fuerza de los Ángeles


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La fuerza de los Ángeles

It consists of 60 letters in Spanish

These letters are the messengers of the energy of the creative force, that energy that gives us life, inspires us, gives us comfort and nourishes us spiritually. They are a valid means of meditation and finding solutions to our problems.

They give us guidance in difficult times, support and help in all circumstances. The strength of the Angels: wonderful protection and support. Small size 4.3 x 6.8 cm. Design: Rohr / S. Winter.

Small deck of angel letters with original illustrations by Wulfing von Rohr, a German esoteric-themed journalist and writer. In this deck you will find inspiration and help. Each card contains a precious message for each day.

Author: Rohr / S. Winter.

Number of Cards: 60

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La fuerza de los Ángeles
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