Tarot des Pauvres "Collection"


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Tarot des Pauvres "Collection"

It consists of 78 letters with brochure with instructions in French language.

Tarot des pauvres depicts his illustrations in black and white characters; symbols and designs have carried out a limited and simple take to discover the powers of these black and white symbols.

In these maps drawn by Paul Becker, black-and-white characters look a lot like cartoons and tarot reads like a comic book.
As for historical research, we find that tarot cards have always been used to predict the future and this has a very special touch that makes it unique in its predictions.

In this wonderful collection game published in 1984 and for which is a single edition of symbols and drawings of the artist who has a limited vision and making it easy to discover all the powers these symbols.

Includes 78 French cards in size 56 x 87 mm.

This deck includes a booklet containing all known tarot origins, the meanings of older arcans, but also minors, and examples of impressions such as the "wheel of life" in 12 cards.

Author: Paul Becker:

Number of Cards: 78

Brochure with instructions

Language: French.

Tarot des Pauvres "Colección"
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