Tarot Jean Noblet "Collection"


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Tarot Jean Noblet "Collection"

It consists of 78 letters with brochure with inductions in English.

Tarot Edition by Jea Noblet Paris c.1650.

The Tarot Jean Noblet is a variant of Marseille from 1650, restored and with some missing letters added by the French historian Tarot and the artist Jean-Claude Flornoy. The deck has 78 cards and a useful 64-page brochure in a cardboard box.

Noblet, even more than Dodal, belongs to a time when traditional knowledge was still transmitted from the master engraver to his apprentice. He is closer to the source than all those who follow him: this is his greatest interest. Specialists, and everyone who enjoys significant details, you'll find plenty of features here worth examining.

In this tarot we see two different gestures in action in the graphics of these arcane. The one, very pure and safe, proof of great mastery, and the other very "apprentice". Throughout the year of work and the daily contemplation of these images, it is the last work of an accomplished teacher, but through age or illness or both he could not produce the whole work himself.

Certain images appear to have been completed, or fully drawn, by someone extremely conscientious and totally

Author: JC Flornoy

Number of Cards: 78

Size: 6'50 x 10 cm

Brochure with instructions.

Language: English

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Tarot Jean Noblet "Colección"
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