Tarot Deva "Collection"


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Tarot Deva "Collection"

It consists of 93 letters with brochure with instructions in English, French and German, the letters are square.

There are 93 cards, not the usual 78, due to the addition of a fifth suit and a XXII card at the end of the major arcans titled "The Separator". In addition to the usual four clubs (bastos, cups, swords and golds).

This deliciously graphic tarot employs a fifth stick, the "Triax". It represents the etheric or spiritual element, something reminiscent of the Aether of the Book of Aradia, which is a fifth autonomous "spirit" stick. The Introduction notes that triax "refers to events or influences at a higher level or soul level".

The LWB notes that the deck is not traditional because it is more directed towards "deep thinking, growth, meditation and counseling."

These cards are a free spirit and we have to be inspired by our own perceptions, responses and feelings awakened by the use of tarot.

Author: Herta Drnec, Roberta Lanphere

Number of cards: 93

brochure with instructions

Language: English, French and German.








Tarot Deva "Colección"
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