Tarot Australian Animal (Collection) "Latest Units"


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Tarot Australian Animal (Collection) "Latest Units"

It consists of 78 letters in English.

Australian animals resonate with the eternal wisdom and energy of their ancestral land. Most are truly unique on the Australian continent and are unmatched by the characteristics of animals found in other parts of the world. They are truly remarkable creatures with much to offer in understanding the nature of our own being.

The world around us is our living classroom, the animals that surround us and cross our paths are part of our "lessons" of the process of becoming wiser about who and what we are and the choices we have in this life.

The qualities reflected in animals that in this way help us to discover who we are. By working with animals that can connect with inner wisdom (spiritual wisdom) and views that these animals have to share with us.

Channeling their essence, we will really know that each of these animals exists within us as much as we exist within them - we have interconnection.

The belief of animals that are divine messengers is not limited to Aboriginal Australians, but almost all indigenous cultures as well as modern metaphysicists who recognize the important teachings and wisdom of the animals that bring us.
By bringing the essence of Australian animals that reflect indigenous Australian beliefs.

They are a wonderful tool of inspiration and guidance for all people worldwide.
We can access this daily wisdom for our own spiritual growth guidance and inner peace. These animals are ready to weave the rainbow fabric and truly unity us all with their messages that will allow us to manifest our dreams.

This exciting tarot deck reflects the uniqueness of Australian animals and includes not only the most beloved and well-known, but also equally our little-known animals; some of which are now endangered and unfortunately threatened with extinction.
There are many paths to lighting and with Australian animals and this tarot is just a possibility. For many seekers of knowledge and guidance after that it possesses more fascination than many other paths.

Author: Ann Williams Fitzgerald

Number of Cards: 78

Language: English.

Stock: Latest Units.

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