Oracle Goddess Inspiration "Collection"


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Oracle: Goddess Inspiration "Collection"

It consists of a pack with 80 cards plus a book with instructions in English language, plus bag.

Enrich your life with the wisdom and guidance of the goddesses. Recognized for her magnificent work of art by the goddess, Kris Waldherr has created a visually stunning and easily accessible oracle of the goddess.

From Abeona to Zorya, this sumptuous work depicts eighty goddesses from all over the world. Each of the eighty cards features a striking portrait of a deity, its attributes, and a message of empowerment inspired by its unique story.

The inspiration of the Goddess is an ideal tool to create affirmations, awaken creativity, gain new perspectives and discover ideas related to love, health, creativity, motherhood and other specific themes of women.

The accompanying guide provides an in-depth description of each goddess, associated keywords, and practical instructions for working with letters.

Author:Kris Waldherr

Number of Cards: 80

Book with instructions

Language: English


Oracle Goddess Inspiration "Cole
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