Pack: Tarot Light and Shadow "Collection"


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Pack: Tarot Light and Shadow "Collection"

It consists of a 78-letter pack with a book with English language instructions.

This beautiful tarot is a black-and-white deck that symbolizes contrast and balance, and inspired by a number of spiritual traditions, including Native Americans, Africans, Eastern Indians and medieval Europeans.

Drawing his inspiration from many spiritual traditions, including Celtic, Native American, East Indian, African, Medieval and European Renaissance, the tarot of light and shadow is an innovative collection of images and powerful interpretations.

The striking black and white images emphasize contrast and balance, resolution and termination, maintaining a strong and functional analogue to traditional Tarot. Designed with a lasting and obsessive authority, this deck brings to light the shadow side of all of us, an essential part of the creative process that leads to growth, movement and change.
Brian Williams is the creator of the popular PoMo Tarot.

Very original block prints serve as works of art and as a parallel to the accompanying text, which includes a detailed interpretation of each letter.

Author: Brian Williams, Michael Gopford

Number of Cards: 78

Book with instructions

Language: English.

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Pack: Tarot Light and Shadow "Co
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