Tarocchi di Bacchus "Collection"


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Tarocchi di Bacchus "collection"

It consists of 78 letters with brochure with instructions in English and Italian.

This fascinating tarot is a deck of tarot Made in Italy designed by G. Berti and drawn by L. and G. Scapini.
The Tarot of Bacchus is a large art deck inspired by the god of Bacchus wine for the Romans, Dionysus to the Greeks. The major arcans show the events and adventures of Bacchus's life, the costumes of aspects of the illustrated winemaking industry, and court cards represent the countries of winemaking. From the creator of the medieval Tarot Scapini.

Giordano Berti, author of this beautiful tarot has remained his inspiration directly from the god of wine, known as Dyionisos by the ancient Greeks and Bacchus of America.

It was an exciting experience that led him to think of the 78 Major Arcanes with innovative images and meanings.
The 22 older arcans tell the birth of the god of wine, his worldly adventures, and the events that led him to spread viticulture and the mysterious rites related to the use of wine religion.

Some classical Greek and Latin texts form the basis of the sequence of letters: The Bacantes of Euripides, The Dionysian Grandfather Panpolis, The Metamorphosis of Ovid, as well as numerous studies on the mysteries of Dionysus.

The four kings are Italy, France, the US and Australia. The four queens are Germany, Spain, Argentina, Japan. The four riders are Greece, Chile, Hungary, South Africa. The four Fanti are Austria, Mexico, Russia and Brazil.

Dimensions: 150x85 mm

Author: Giordano Berti, Luigi Scapini, Giulia Scapini

Number of Cards: 78

Brochure with instructions

Language: English and Italian.

Tarocchi di Bacchus "Colección"
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