Oracle de l'infini "Collection"


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Oracle de l'infini "Collection"

It consists of 27 letters in French

The Oracle of Infinity is a unique divination game devised by Fabrice Gosset and composed of 27 cards, which is presented in a black velvet case.

Its ultra-modern and poetic graphics, highly suggestive, with dark and mysterious tones, envelop the cartomant in a magical and special way.

Each card is really a chiaroscuro picture that tells a story. His story or that of the person who pulls the cards and serves to answer the questions we need and he will enlighten us about one's life.

Every second can lead us to love, to glory, to death. In a glance, a gesture, a breath can lose everything or gain all of it in the space of a thought, of a second. Life is a series of coincidences and providences. We all have within us a sense that allows us to feel the color of our near future.
With it you will have the potential to change to overcome the disadvantages or the ability to operate, all in order to become someone totally flourished in your body and mind.

Author: Fabrice Gosset

Number of cards: 27

Language: French

Oracle de l'infini "Colección"
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