Pack: Tarot Kitty Kahane "Collection" (Last Units)


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Pack: Tarot Kitty Kahane "Collection"

It consists of a pack of 78 cards with a guide with instructions in English language.

The Tarot Kitty Kihane reinterprets Rider-Waite's Tarot scenes in strong shades of blue, pink, purple and green in a young drawing style. Some scenes are close to the traditional, others vary widely and uniquely.
Created by Lilo Schwarz, Kitty Kahane

Kitty Kahane's Tarot, at first glance, is a tarot of novelty, it is cheerful in the gloomy days and very positive and fun.

It can handle all readings, from the mundane to the serious, a very special tarot suitable for all kinds of queries and amateurs as advanced in the art of cartomance.

Author: Lilo Schwarz & Kitty Kahane.

Number of Cards: 78

Guide with instructions

Language: English.

Pack: Tarot Kitty Kahane "Colecc
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