Tarot Basic Giant "Collection"


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Tarot Basic "Collection" (Giant)

It consists of 78 letters in English.

A modern interpretation of traditional tarot motifs, the basic tarot has the overlapping color of splashing and highly treated images.

A sophisticated modern version of the tarot that gives the reader enough room for free play from their own imagination and intuition. Mixed media, the urban art style uses the traditional spiritual contents of tarot as inspiration, especially its Judeo-cabalistic roots.

The images in this work have been stripped of the fundamentals. The Wizard shows the face of a man, and a table with the elemental symbols; The High Priestess - "A woman dressed in religion". Underage arcans are young, often rendered in just a few strokes.

But the talent exhibited by this artist is quite impressive. He is able to transmit a lot of information with only the basics. Art seems to be a mixture of charcoal drawings, pastels, pen and ink, painting and collage, all created by the computer.

The background of each card resembles wallpaper, handmade, made in shades of brown and extending to the edge of the card. The center scene overlaps this brown background. The card number is in the upper right corner of the Major Arcanes. The game number and symbol appear in the same place in the minors. The name of the card appears in German at the bottom left of the card. It has been printed in white letters in German and English on the lower right edge. The art is excellent. The deck has a quality that evokes a sense of drama and mystery.

Author: Gundrun Dobratz

Number of Cards: 78

Language: English

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Size: Giant.

Tarot Basic "Colección" Gigante
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