Pack: Tarot Baseball (Collection) "Last Unit"

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Pack: Tarot Baseball "Collection"

It consists of a pack with 78 letters and a 336-page book in English

This fun tarot is unique and very original that fuses the art of American sport baseball with the art of cartomance. Bringing the ancient wisdom of card divination to family actions, characters, myths and metaphors from America's favorite pastime.

Baseball Tarot is a novel way to look for answers to life's questions. From being thrown a curve to hit in the clutch on the way out of left field, the clarification is on the cards.

This Tarot offers ideas about love, work, relationships, dreams, decisions and dilemmas. Each game includes a 78-card deck designed to measure - exquisitely illustrated by baseball artist Dan Gardiner and bordered on a gold-colored border - plus a 336-page illustrated book on how to interpret the cards.

There are commanders (the major arcans) - the rookie, the manager, the jug, the collector, the goat, etc. Minors (minor arcane) - Mittens, balls, bats, bases.

Currently a collector's tarot.

Author: Mark Lerner and Laura Phillips

Number of Cards: 78

Book with instructions 336 pp.

Language: English

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Pack: Tarot Baseball (Colección)
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