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Tarot des Fleurs "Collection"

It consists of 61 letters plus brochure with instructions in French language.

The world of flowers and plants is huge and very rich. Within this world, every plant, every flower, carries a special mention; all of them have their own personality and this one is very rich with a double symbolism: spiritual and life, and real astral, mystique and inner power.

This tarot deck contains 61 cards with an instruction manual containing two methods of divination and the meaning of each card.

In modern life, the world of flowers and plants is forgotten, leaving aside their rich teachings, and yet it is everywhere that reinforces the importance of all these messages.

On the other hand, the world of flowers and plants that goes back to the dawn of time, is the history of tradition and knowledge to the bearer. Throughout history, men have used plants, flowers and plants have always been a part of life. Each has a similar personality, rich with a double symbolism.

Number of cards: 61

Brochure with instructions

Language: French.



Tarot des Fleurs "Colección"
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