Tarot Anges et Archanges


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Tarot Anges et Archanges

It consists of 81 letters with brochure with instructions in French language

Find your guardian angel and harness his powerful energy.

The explanations of methods and their illustrations with great symbology and strong color open the door to the knowledge of the future. Angels and archangels with their messages help us make the right choices and guide us to the deepest happiness.

The author, Nina Rave has studied Fine Arts at the Riestveld Academy in Amsterdam and works as an independent artist in the Netherlands. For many years he studied Kabbalah, angels and astrology. It was during a two-year stay in France that his studies of angelology have been deepened and this exciting Tarot designed.

Author: Nina Rave

Number of Cards: 81

40-page brochure

Language: French

Tarot Anges et Archanges
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