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Cards Wolf Song

It consists of 60 letters with brochure with english language instructions.

The wolf cards are centrally themed native American and offer 60 attractive illustrations of North American animals in their natural environments.

This oracle is a system that shows wild animals and birds of the Americas. Each card has an image of the animal in its natural habitat and the name of the animal. The work is built around the four cards of the wolf (wood, gray, red, arctic) that represent aspects of change (positive, necessary, unexpected, resisted).

The meanings of the letters "are composed of many sources, including Native American mythology, folklore and studies of animal behavior traits."

It is a tool for the discovery of oneself, similar to tarot.

Ancient symbolism and evocative elements merge to demonstrate the spiritual and elementary teachings of Native American life. The 60 cards highlight the vibration and healing powers of animals, and help the reader on the path to the revelation of personal spirituality.

Cartas Wolf Song "Colección"
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