Lo Zodiaco degli Gnomi "Collection" Cards (Last Units)

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Lo Zodiaco degli Gnomi "Collection" Cards (Last Units)

It consists of 22 letters with their major arcans and a brochure with instructions in the Italian language.

These wonderful cards serve to unlock the secrets of the stars in a practical and fun way with the help of our little friends, the gnomes.

Of small physical stature, but of great personality the gnomes are invisible to humans, but their great qualities and powers will make our readings the best of secrets.
Tireless and hyperactive, their help is essential to every human initiative. There is no business that can succeed without its contribution, nor the failure that is not tempered by its providential intervention.

These cards mix the zodiac and the fun gnomes in perfect fusion with each of the tarot's major arcans.

Year of publication: 1996, currently a tarot of collectionists.

Author: Myriam Mantegazza, Manuela Mantegazza

Number of cards: 22

Brochure with instructions

Language: Italian.

Cartas Lo Zodiaco degli Gnomi "C
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