Pack: Tarot Apokalypsis "Latest Units"


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Pack: Apokalypsis Tarot "Latest Units"

It consists of a case pack with 78 letters, plus book with instructions in English.

Open Pandora's box and immerse yourself in the innovative and most creative images of recent times.

This fantasticoTarot is inspired by ancient cultures and the religion of mysteries. From the cult of Inanna in Sumeria and the mysteries of Eleusis in Greece, to the rites of Indian Aghoris in the cremation fields, as they worship Shiva, each letter presents a religion of the mysteries of the ancient or modern world.

With all the luxury of details and wonderful full-color illustrations with digital art, each of the arcane is blended in an excellent and very creative way.

Author: Kim Huggens, Erick C. Dunne

Number of Cards: 78

Book with instructions

Language: English.

Pack: Tarot Apokalypsis "Últimas
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