Pack: Tarot de los Magos (Last Unit)


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Pack tarot de los Magos

It consists of a book pack of 272 pages + 78 letters with their respective major and minor arcane, in Spanish.

This Beautiful case dedicated to magic and its virtuous practitioners. Includes a 272 book and a beautiful 78-card tarot. Corrine Kenner, author of the book, holds a degree in philosophy from California State University, author of eight books on tarot and a specialist in metaphysical subjects.

John J. Blumen, the artist who has given life to letters, specializes in the world of fantasy and has been creating designs and illustrations for major American publishers for more than forty years.

A really beautiful tarot and very easy to understand, thanks to its perfect details illustrated in a very representative way of each of the arcane

Author: Corrine Kenner

Number of Cards: 78

Book with instructions: 272

Language: Spanish

Pack: Tarot de los Magos
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