Pack: Tarot Noir "Latest Units"


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Pack: Tarot Noir (Collection) "Latest Units"

It consists of a pack of 78 letters plus book in French language.

A truly exquisite tarot, with very fine and extremely elegant trazón that make it a unique and unrepeatable piece, with great sharpness and simplicity brings us closer to the world of tarot with very artistic touches.

The package contains a seminal view of the Marseille Tarot. From its earliest origins, this Tarot contains clues about medieval French life.

His iconography shows details presented in earlier versions of the mythical Tarot Marsellés, and immerse tarot enthusiasts in the heart of 15th-century society, with all the details about the beliefs, rituals and characters of the time.

Author: Justine Ternel

Number of cards: 78

Book with instructions.

Language: French.

Stock: Latest Units.

Pack: Tarot Noir "Últimas Unidad
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