Pack: Sanando con los Ángeles


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Pack: Sanando con los Ángeles 

It consists of pack: Book 48 pages + 44 cards.

The oracle cards that will help you communicate with your angels.

Includes a 48-page guide book and 44 Letters from Los Angeles. Your guardian angels have messages for you that can help you heal your life.

The 44 oracle letters will help you communicate with your angels and receive answers and advice from them about your love life, career, health, family, and other aspects of life. With the book you will learn how to make readings for you and others. Each card is accompanied by the image of a special angel.

You will not find negative letters, for angels always advise us from love.

Author: Dr Doreen Virtue

Number of Cards: 44

Book: 48 Pages.

Language: Spanish

Pack: Sanando con los Ángeles "Ú
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