Tarot Lugares Místicos "Collection" (Last Units)

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Tarot Lugares Místicos "Collection" (Last Units)

It consists of 78 letters plus brochure with instructions in multilanguage.

This wonderful Tarot is a deck of significant, mystical and powerful places and structures both natural and man-made from all over the world. Its 78 cards feature everything from Stonehenge to the Ganges to the pyramids of Egypt to the Taj Mahal and the Church of Hagia Sophia.

All over the world, we find places that express divine magic. Each arcane has a mystical location that expresses the energy of the chart.

The world is full of sacred structures and ancient places shining with mystical energy. Recognized for the centuries for its mysterious connection with the Divine, the power of these revered sites is still felt today.

This completely unique tarot offers an opportunity to connect with the ancient wisdom of temples, shrines and sacred places on all five continents.

Author: Massimiliano Filadoro, Federico Penco

Number of cards: 78

Brochure with instructions.

Languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian.

Tarot Lugares Místicos "Colecció
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