Oracle Wisdom of the House of Night "Collection"


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Oracle Wisdom of the House of Night "Latest Units"

It consists of 50 letters, plus booklet with instructions in English.

This fantastic perfectly illustrated oracle helps us summon the Vampire Goddess Nyx to receive her wisdom with this magical oracle.

These superbly illustrated charts are inspired by ancient divination systems, such as tarot, Nordic runes, and the I Ching, very easy to handle all with no experience.

Just ask Nyx a question and select a card to receive his guidance. As for example: What should I do in this situation? What's going on with my relationship? What will be the result of my next action? Like Zoey Redbird and the other characters, they are encouraged to trust their intuition and will help us make important decisions about our lives.

Undoubtedly a wonderful oracle of great artistic representation and excellent result for lovers of tarot and Gothic-animated art.

The wisdom of the Night House is presented in a cardboard and plastic box with 50 letters and a booklet.

Author: Collete Baron-Reid, Illustrator: Jena Della Grottaglia

No. Letters: 50

Booklet with Instructions in English.

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Oracle Wisdom of the House of Ni
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