Pack: Tarot Revelations "Collection"


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Pack: Tarot Revelations "Collection"

It consists of 78 letters, plus 216-page English-language book plus bag.

The incredible Tarot Revelations has illuminated his illustrations with an incredible swirl effect reminiscent of stained glass windows. His art is also double-ended, with an inverted vertical image merging in the center of the card.

The bright and detailed color is almost psychedelic. The inspiration is reminiscent of the cloisters of the churches, its art is impressive and its great artistic quality make the jewel unique and special.

The subtle humor irony along the scenery closely resembles the Tarot Sephiroth. Practical for learning inverted meanings. Each card displays an image if it is upright, and a different image if reversed.

It is a highly readable tarot, which will help people grow spiritually and increase their intuitive capacity.

Author: Zack Wong

No. Letters: 78

216-page book with instructions.

Language: English.


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Pack: Tarot Revelations "Colecci
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