Tarot Lovers "Colección" Pack Libro + Cartas" (Collection)


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Tarot Lovers ". Book + Cards Pack"

It consists of 78 letters, plus a booklet of 64 Pages. with instructions.

This soft and delicate Tarot with illustrations in a romantic style and soft colors, transports us to a world full of sensitivity and love. Created by the great artist Jane Lyle, this Tarot is a Tarot deck created especially for the sentimental aspects of love and sexuality of our relationships in our life.

The figures and scenes are very medieval and in a Renaissance style, the letters show constellations, astrology and alchemy.

Love is the center of all our emotions. Romance and passion are inspired, but can also announce doubts and fears. Above all, love is elusive and so we often feel the need for guidance and understanding of our most urgent longings and desires.

With its help, the path to your future happiness and fulfillment can be revealed.

Suitable for beginners, with performances instantly accessible


Author: Jane Lyle

N of Cards: 78

Booklet with instructions in English.

Tarot Lovers "Colección" Pack Li
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