Tarot Jolanda "last units"

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Tarot Jolanda "Last Units"

It consists of 78 letters, with their respective major and minor Arcanes, plus brochure with instructions.

In this precious Tarot you discover the power of the subconscious mind to predict the events to come with great ease thanks to its graphic illustrations of great intensity and color

This tarot is a magical alphabet definitely accessible to anyone who wants to learn to read it.

When we learn to read the symbols, which at the same time, learn how human beings carry the memory of all times, past, present and future, within the past.

Letters can be used to communicate what is happening in one's life, both inside and outside, with humor and lucidity. Gradually, with time and perseverance, one comes to know oneself on a deeper level, and also others.

The symbolism represented in the different cards are the keys that open the steps of inner wisdom.

A Tarot of great artistic quality, unique and imported that you can not miss.

Author: Jolanda Den Tredjes / Hans Arnold

No. Letters: 78

Brochure with instructions in English.

Tarot Jolanda "últimas unidades"
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