Tarot Ghosts and Spirits "Collection"


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Tarot Ghosts and Spirits "Collection"

It consists of 79 letters plus brochure with English language instructions.

The Tarot of Ghosts and Spirits explores the fascinating paranormal world of ghosts, supernatural wisdom topography, and legend from around the world.

This incredible Tarot perfectly designed with a soft color but of very active and radiant scenery and that through the symbolism of the Tarot, give us their messages from the afterlife, shedding light on all human experiences.

These cards include the ghosts and spirits of legend and tradition. They have been extracted from various sources and represent a wide variety of ethereal beings found around the world. Some are friendly, while others are frankly terrifying, but all are part of an anthropological landscape and a relevant aspect of our humanity.

Her famous author Lisa Hunt illustrates in her very recognizable style, as seen in her most famous creations such as the Tarot of Fantastic Creatures and the Tarot of Divine Animals.

Included in: A Special Bonus card, booklets with guessing meanings, and five cards from the Spirit spread realm.

Author: Lisa Hunt

No. Letters: 79

Brochure with instructions.

Language: English.

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Tarot Ghosts and Spirits "Colecc
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