Pack: Tarot Celtic Dragon "Collection"


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Pack: Tarot Celtic Dragon "Collection"

It consists of a pack of 78 letters plus book with Instructions in English language.

This Fantastic Tarot is set in the Celtic tradition, dragons are the theme of this Tarot and appear on every card, with or without other human beings. The scenery is traditional tarot, with some changes - Swords are associated with fire and bastos with air.

It speaks deeply to us about the ancient Celtic tradition, like everything related to magic.

Using his deep knowledge of ancient Celts and working with the ancient energies of the dragon, Conway has designed one of the most vivid and powerful Tarot games in history.

The art of this deck was created by the fantasy of illustrator Lisa Hunt. Its watercolor is bright and intense. Their different types of dragons are full of passion and life.

Without a doubt an excellent Tarot in both images and composition.

Author: DJ Conway / Lisa Hunt

No. Letters: 78

Book with instructions.

Language: English.

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Pack: Tarot Celtic Dragon "Colec
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