Pack: Tarot Animals Divine "Collection" (Last Units)


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Pack: Tarot Animals Divine "Collection"

It consists of 78 letters plus a book with instructions in English plus a bag.

Wonderful Tarot very well represented and of great beauty in its images, in which they tell us about the totems, familiar spirits ... that we glimpse when we go for a walk in silence, in our most vivid dreams or even on the windowsill.

This Tarot is a vast source of spiritual wisdom and pristine power. The powerful symbols and intricate imagery will help you connect with power through divination, meditation, and dream work.

The book contains in-depth descriptions of the multiple symbols and meanings inherent in each card, it also offers tarot card designs and tips for using them in meditation and when exploring dreams.


Author: Lisa Hunt

N of Cards: 78

Size: 118x71mm

Instruction book 290 Pages.

English language.







Pack: Tarot Animals Divine "Cole
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