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Tarot Wicca Celtic "Limited Edition "Last Units"

It consists of 83 letters plus brochure with instructions in English language..

Beautiful Tarot of Celtic style and design, with which we will learn the tales and legends of old Ireland in the Country of Wicca Fairies.

Based on the modern tradition the FairyLand of the religion of nature based on Wicca, the work of art is brilliant, with primary colors, but attractive. It has been created by the Golden Bard of Irish Tradition, Archisacerdotisa de Isis and Grand Lady commander of the Noble Order of Tara.

It has been designed in the Irish mystical and ancient Celtic tradition, with traditional images of Tarot and modern symbology.

In addition, it comes with a very complete book that will show us what are the easiest procedures to learn how to use it with great skill.

Author: Kisma K. Stepanich. Renée Christine Yates

No. Letters: 83

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