Oráculo del Arcángel Miguel


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Oráculo del Arcángel Miguel

It consists of 44 letters, plus Book the Archangel Michael.

Beautiful Oracle of 44 cards destined to find our best daily support and protection with this fabulous Oracle full of light and color.

The Archangel Michael is the protector of all of us, he is the one who kills the evil that envelops us.

Our mighty Saint Michael or Prince of the Archangels holds in his hand a sword to overcome demonic forces and makes the light triumph.

He will seek comfort, support, and deliverance.

Each of these 44 letters is specially indicated and taken care of to deliver a message from our Archangel Michael, and with them the guide book that will teach us how to use them.

Author: Doreen Virtue / Guy Tredaniel

No. Letters: 44

Book the Archangel Michael.

Language: Spanish.

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This oracle has the letters in Spanish

Oráculo del Arcángel Miguel
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