Pack: Tarot Mystic Dreamer


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Pack: Tarot Mystic Dreamer

It consists of 78 letters plus Book with Instructions in English plus Bag.

The beautiful Tarot Mystic Dreamer has its images recreated from the atmosphere, it is beautifully designed with photo collages of real people, landscapes, and some computer-generated elements.

This Tarot is fully illustrated and has been published by Llewellyn, with an English book accompanying it by the great artist Barbara Moore.

Imagine walking through a dark forest in the light of the silver moon and perceiving in the way an ethereal glow. Now is the time to resort to intuition and explore the hidden realms of imagination and creativity.

From the acclaimed author of the tarot, Barbara Moore presents an essential introduction with interpretations of the meaning of each letter, and introspective questions to guide the path. Perfect for traditional and intuitive readings.

This incredible Tarot invites us to enter a mystical world of personal exploration.

Author: Heidi Darras / Barbara Moore

No. Letters: 78

Book with instructions.

Language: English.


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