Tarot Vintage Marseille Tarot (Últimas Unidades)


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Vintage Tarot Marseille Tarot

It consists of 78 letters plus a brochure with instructions in multilanguage.

The Marseille Tarot, in vintage edition. This is the feeling of tradition.

The feeling of cards worn by time, shuffled for generations, which have served to play and "read" with the Arcana.

With this deck, history knocks on our door and allows us to be part of it. It is as if the Marseille Tarot has completed its journey and returned to its oldest and truest form.

Anna Maria Morsucci, art by Mattia Ottolini,

78 cards, 65x118mm

Author: Anna Maria Morsucci

Number of Cards: 78

instruction booklet

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French.

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