Oráculo de los Chakras (Last Units)


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Oráculo de los Chakras

It consists of a pack of 49 cards plus a guide with instructions in Spanish.

Each card is connected to a chakra and illustrates one of the 49 inspiring teachings that the angels passed on to popular American psychic Tori Hartman after she had a near-death experience.

This oracle contains: A book in which you will find evocative stories, information on how to use the chakra deck, divinatory spreads and revelations that will guide you on your journey.

Questions aimed at self-inquiry accompanied by specific meditations for each card.

49 cards grouped according to the colors of the chakras and illustrated with images alluding to the stories told in the book.

Author: Tori Hartman

Number of cards: 49

Guide with instructions.

Spanish Language

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