Quisine (Últimas Unidades)


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It consists of 55 illustrated cards with 110 foods.

All over the world, food is prepared and enjoyed. Who is not happy with a tasty meal? In QUISINE, players become chefs. On each card, the graphic designer Anke Siebert represented two different foods that the player can choose from. With 3 cards, 8 combinations are possible.

Large menus or picnics – haute cuisine or outdoors: the cards allow it all. Prepare together or tell the result: A playful delicacy. Attention: It whets your appetite! No wonder they are so popular in France. These cards are more than a game, they are delightful tools.

Let's talk about food Everywhere human beings have settled, they prepare food. Who doesn't appreciate a good meal? QUISINE turns them into real cock chefs!

Graphic artist Anke Siebert depicted two different foods on each card. These are used as ingredients in the preparation of meals.

Three cards already give you eight variations, whether you choose to set up a three-course menu or a picnic, whether you're planning your meal on her own or while asking questions with the other players. Be careful though, QUISINE is the best way to whet your appetite.

Author: M. Egetmeyer & Anke Siebert

Number of cards: 55

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