Tarot de Marsella


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Tarot de Marsella

It consists of 22 letters in Spanish language.

The Tarot is a set of symbolic plates that was used in the Middle Ages as a mere card game. But it is also an esoteric book that can be read from different angles, and at different levels.

It is believed that the Tarot de Marseille appeared in southern France around the 16th century, and that it came from Italy. This deck is made up of the XXII Major Arcana of the Tarot by Nicolas Rolichon, a magnificent example of a traditional Marseilles Tarot, and is accompanied by a small manual in which these Arcana are explained.

He is the author of various works related to symbolism and esotericism, among which are: The human body, Fundamental symbols of the Camino de Santiago, The Cabala, The esoteric tarot and The Templars and The tarot, as well as several storybooks: Tales to seek God, The five keys and Abu Kassim's slippers. Since 1981 he has directed Ediciones Obelisco, a publishing house specialized in spirituality, self-help, alternative therapies and esotericism.

Number of cards: 22

Spanish Language.

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