Oráculo El Reino del Alma


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Oráculo El Reino del Alma 

It consists of 43 letters plus a guide with instructions in Spanish.

Filled with fantastic images and profound messages, these 43 wonderful letters guide us to listen and understand the tender words that our soul wants to convey to us.

There are four companions who support us on the journey: a power animal, a healing stone, an essential oil and a number (which matches each letter).

All of them are by our side for 21 days to liberate or strengthen that issue of life that requires our attention. We discover what our true feelings are, we learn to accept what is, we find our way back to our soul, and we experience wisdom, truth, peace, and happiness.

The path of your soul is a healing path, it is the path of the heart. Author The Dragon Woman, she connected in the year 2000 with the world of dragons from the spiritual world. For ten years she was learning about beings full of light and dragons, until in 2010 she made her work public.

In 2009 she began to write down her wisdoms and travel her into a trance. From there, the spirit world guided her back to Avalon. The energies of the sacred island gave him strength, a fighting spirit, and the courage to take new paths.

With her workshops, books, letter sets and CD she wants to share with everyone the wisdom and messages that she receives from the spiritual world.

Author: Christine Arana Fader

Number of cards: 43

Guide with instructions.

Spanish Language.

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