Kitty Kahane Tarot


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Kitty Kahane Tarot

It consists of 80 letters plus a brochure with instructions in English.

With her unmistakable illustrations, Kitty Kahane brought a light, modern, individual life to Waite's classic tarot 15 years ago. With this, she achieved a brilliant achievement: she respected the original aspects of visual language as a basis and gave familiar images colors and shapes that allow us today to find our own coloring, far from turning our creativity around in everyday pain to help . shape our own world.

Thus, as a new edition, this tarot is more than ever a treasure in each collection or an ideal deck to start using tarot cards. The appropriate texts, which allow everyone to recognize the letters as a mirror of their own person and situation and derive self-knowledge, self-love and the ability to act, come from Lilo Schwarz. The lightness of the descriptions of it complement the colorful images to create a unique whole for beginners and professionals.

Author: Lilo Schwarz

Number of cards: 80

Brochure with instructions.

English language.

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