Tarot of Oppositions


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Tarot of Oppositions

It consists of 78 letters plus a brochure with instructions in multilanguage language

Duality: Good and Bad - Light and Dark - Negative and Positive - Active and Passive - Receptive and Assertive. Everything has its opposite.

In the Tarot, this happens in the context of each card, since the interpretation leads the Reader to see each Arcanum from different points of view, adopting a yin-yang view of each answer, as well as each question.

Art by Michele D'Aloisio, Pierluca Zizzi;

78 cards, 70x120 mm.

Instructions. Multilingual edition.

Author: Michele D'Aloisio, Pierluca Zizzi

Number of Cards: 78

Instruction booklet

Language: Spanish, Italian, French, English, German.

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